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Meet the Author, Brendan Roberts

Theologian, author and podcaster Brendan Roberts welcomes you. In this website you will discover links to radio interviews, podcasts and youtube clips in which Brendan is featured. He also writes for Catholic Bigmag, the online Catholic magazine http://issuu.com/bigmag/docs/bigmagissue1. You can also read his blog on the right side. In 2012 he released the 2nd edition of God: Fact or Fiction? You can also see him speaking out against the Euthanasia and the threat it really is and why.

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Also see the following links re an atheist supporting Intelligent Design principles.


The following link is about an atheist and scientist who was convinced about Intelligent Design principles that he became a deist. The fo



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As we advance into the 21st Century science has exploded at a phenomenal pace. Religion, as understood to be a belief in a creator, seems to have been left behind in the cosmic dust of science. But in God: Fact or Fiction?

Brendan Roberts will use science, faith and reason, revelation and experience to show the relationship science has with religion. Be prepared to encounter such fascinating subjects as the Wonder of the Universe, Unlocking the Chemistry of Life, Evolution, DNA, Archaeology, Evil, Suffering, the Soul, Sacred Scripture, The First Cause, Truth, Miracles and much, much more. This book has the potential to open up a whole new world from the eyes of science, religion and the origin of life.

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* What is the Big Bang?
* Can God's existence be proved?
* Is evolution still a theory?
* Does our universe reveal design?
* Was Jesus just a myth?