Free PDF of God: Fact or Fiction?


Market for God: Fact or Fiction?

A great book for Non-Christians and Christians; The General Public; And specifically for those interested in such
areas of science as:

the theories for the origin of life

our inspriing universe (Astronomy)

design reflected in our universe?

The theories of micro and marco-evolution

Irreducible Complexity

The Dynamics of the Cell and DNA



And much much more

While those interested in the subjects pertaining to our very nature and religion would find these subjects fascinating:






Faith and Reason

Humanity's place in the universe

The First Cause

Life after death


And much much more


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God: Fact or Fiction? is unique. There are very few books that have been written with both Non-Christians and Christians in mind while covering such diverse and fascinating topics as those in this book. While the entry level readership is mid teens, already 70 year olds have found the religious section rivetting.

Before the book hit the shelves it was touted as "enlightening and inspiring" It is a book that will enlighten and challenge the reader, with many laughing at Brendan's humour, and stopping to ponder what he brings to the fore utilsing his creativity. This is a book for anyone interested in the subjects of science or religion.

Press Releases are being sent to US radio stations and magazines to spread the word about this book.

As writing is Brendan's vocation, he is available for speaking engagements and will consider international opportunities. He has been interviewed on radio stations in New Zealand and Poland, and looks forward to bringing this book to the world.



Brendan Roberts was born in Taranaki on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. His fascination with intelligent design, cosmology, microbiology and science as a whole combined with his deep Christian faith compelled him to the many thousands of hours of research that led to this, his third book. His other titles, “Set Free” and “Born to be Free” talk of his experiences as a missionary in Germany, England and Russia.


STOP PRESS! I now have Faithworks/ National Book Network as my US Distributor.


NB: Coming Soon. God: Are you out there? Revealing the Relationship between Humanity and the Creator. This is the sequel to God: Fact or Fiction? I will take you through the Crusades through the eyes of Crusaders and Arabs; discuss the nature of man, and the nature of God; and explore the Mercy of God. Note this is only a small sample of what will be in this book. Order your copy through this website before it goes to print and receive a 5% discount.