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The Intelligent Design Theory is gaining momentum with the debate raging in the US whether it should be taught as a theory in schools. Here you can read what Intelligent Design is about and why some Evolutionists are feeling threatened.

Though the flock has been scattered as a result of mistrust and misunderstandings, the Holy Spirit is once again strengthening the desire for unity. Read in this article the amazing leaps and bounds and the great hope there is for Full Communion. Also discover whether the Catholic Church wishes to absorb the Eastern Churches or to let them have a degree of autonomy.


This article relates to the chapter on Truth being subjective or objective. Though God:Fact or Fiction? was written before Mel Gibson's movie, the Passion of the Christ, the aticle was inspired by that awesome movie.

Brendan Roberts replies to an article about the lie that we should stop reproducing, as featured in the NZ Herald, the New Zealand Nathonal Daily Newspaper. Brendan's reply was published in the NZ Herald in December 2005.